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Sunfood’s Graphic Designer on Creativity & Self-Care

Sunfood’s Graphic Designer on Creativity & Self-Care

Feb 25th 2022

Have you ever saved one of our In-Season Produce illustrations on Instagram to reference while shopping? Have you ever tagged your bestie in one of our astrology mood boards? All that beautiful artwork is created by the wonderful Kaitlin. Meet Kaitlin: Our lovely graphic designer, talented artist, and dog, cat, dragon, and frog mom! (Yes, you read that right – Kaitlin has a frog named Ted!) Let’s get to know her a little better and take a peek into a day in her life as a Sunfood staffer.

Name: Kaitlin

Location: San Diego

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Current favorite Sunfood product: Pomegranate Powder

What do you enjoy most about working at Sunfood?

Being able to channel my creative energy into projects that I'm actually passionate about. The short time I've been at Sunfood has been some of the most exciting working moments for me. Not only do I get to work for a company that gives me creative freedom, but I get to work for a company that I believe in!

Are you more of a matcha or golden milk person?

Matcha, specifically iced.

What's your go-to Sunfood product and why? 

I love Pomegranate Powder, its so delicious. I add it to my smoothies in the morning and it gives me that extra tang that I love so much. I grew up with a pomegranate tree in my backyard, using the powder is way easier than cracking them open on the sidewalk like I used to as a kid!

Name your top 3 favorite ways to practice self-care. 

Running, cooking and gardening. To me, all three of these activities let me slow down and really focus on the task at hand, and clear my head.

What can we catch you doing on your time off? 

Spending time with my family and friends, sewing and playing with my animals! I have a dog named Boots, a cat named Mochi, a bearded dragon named Clementine and a frog named Ted.

Describe the work you do at Sunfood in 3 words. 

Creative, exciting, and rewarding.

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