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The Sunfood Team's Superfood Favorites

The Sunfood Team's Superfood Favorites

Dec 29th 2021

Our team loves superfoods - like, really LOVES superfoods, so we asked some of them to share their favorite Sunfood products with you. Whether you're looking to try something new, or need some last-minutes gifting inspo, our team has you covered.

Mango Slices

Like father, like daughter! This duo came in with a tie for their obsession with  Organic Dried Mangos. To be honest... we can't blame them. As our fearless CEO and part-time racecar driver, Robert has to maintain a snack stash at all times. Whether launching a new campaign, in the field on ride-alongs or chasing down kids and Labradoodles - as VP of Sales & Marketing (and fun), Hannah always needs a sweet boost to keep her moving! These small farm gems make an unbelievably delicious year-round treat that you can feel good about! We can often find these two brainstorming over a bag... or three.

"These are nostalgic for me. As kids, my two sisters and I would always fight over the mango pit and literally every bite of these dried mangos reminds me of that coveted part of my favorite childhood fruit." - Hannah

Spirulina/Chlorella Tablets

A powerhouse supplement for a powerhouse female? It's a match made in superfood heaven. Whether she's running with our national sales team in the field or running her kids to their activities all over town, Erin's got her secret weapon of super-greens ready at all times. Her kids love them too, so we can go ahead and add "super mom" to the list of things we love about her! 

"I love the energy and detox ability of this product, it's great for both a quick body reset and for long term!" - Erin

Wellness Super Blend Immunity

On the ball field, on a production line, or on the go with kids, our Director of Operations knows how to keep healthy habits up no matter what part of the day it is! Immunity on the go is awesome for parents, kids, teammates, and of course - traveling!

"The best part about this product is that I can throw it in a shaker bottle and go. It requires very little preparation." - Rich

Jungle Peanuts

When she's not running the behind-the-scenes magic for the sales, customer service, and marketing departments - you can find Brianna hanging out with her fur-babies or hiking through some of San Diego's most famous trails. How does she do it, you ask? Through the power of snacks, obviously! Her go-to snack is also a founder favorite -  Jungle Peanuts.

"This was the first product I fell in love with. I love the versatility between eating them raw or roasted with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt." - Brianna

Peppermint Liniment

Check-in on your accounting friends! It's the end of the year and they're NOT okay! Or, maybe they're like Cassie and thriving during year-end close, thanks to her number-crunching super potion:  Peppermint Liniment. Whether she's going full-throttle with her grandkids or going hard in the books, she's always got the healing power of plants in her corner (or purse, in this case.) It may smell like the holidays, but this lotion is anything but seasonal.

"I love the scent and how this lotion feels on my skin! It has a nice cooling sensation and keeps my skin moisturized." - Cassie

Supergreens & Protein

Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Superfoods - oh my! Leading the innovation of our contract manufacturing division doesn't happen without a great team and a well-fueled brain! Creating products under our private label line while creating breakfast confections with his kids - all done by noon thanks to a big boost of energy and protein.  Supergreens & Protein is a favorite among our Sunfood Dad tribe, what's not to love?

"I start my day with Supergreens & Protein because of the boost I know I'll get from the whole foods, amazing tasting protein and enzyme & probiotic blend. Shake it up and go!". Jeramy