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12 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas

12 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 9th 2021

You know that one person in your life who always gives the most thoughtful and creative gifts? This winter, YOU can be that person! With superfoods, thoughtful gift-giving is made easy. We put together this handy guide to alleviate the stress of picking the perfect present. Make your loved ones' holiday extra special by surprising them with thoughtful (and tasty) superfood gifts.

If they love skin care, gift them Day Beauty Blend Glow and Night Beauty Blend Restore.

If they love fall, gift them Golden Milk Super Blend.

If they deserve a break, gift them Wellness Super Blend Sleep Well.

If they love tart candy, gift them Golden Berries.

If they love to work out, gift them Supergreens & Protein.

If they love chai, gift them Maca & Mushrooms.

If they work too hard, gift them Wellness Super Blend Stress Less.

If they love to chocolate, gift them Cacao Powder and Sweet Cacao Nibs.

If they love crunchy snacks, gift them Jungle Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts, Brazil Nuts.