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5 Benefits of Plant-based Protein

5 Benefits of Plant-based Protein

Aug 24th 2021

Are you curious about switching to plant-based protein? There are many benefits. We have a solid five to share with you today.

Great for People with Dairy or Animal-based Protein Sensitivities

If you're sensitive to dairy or other animal-based protein powders, then plant-based proteins are a fantastic option. Sensitivities often include digestive upset, skin rashes, and other unpleasant symptoms commonly reported when consuming animal-based protein powders containing whey. There are various plant-based protein options, depending on your tastes and nutrient needs. You could go with a pea protein or hemp protein powder if you want to keep it simple. 

Can Help Support Weight Loss Efforts

Adequate protein intake when losing weight is essential, especially if you plan to increase the intensity or duration of your workouts. A balanced plant-based protein blend will offer a full-spectrum amino acid profile to help spare the muscle tissue while losing fat.

High in Fiber

Many people don't consume enough fiber. Adequate intake of soluble and insoluble fiber from plant-based foods can help you feel fuller yet consume fewer calories. Fiber is plant roughage that feeds to good gut bacteria and helps with feeling satiated. The fiber content in a well-crafted plant-based protein blend works synergistically with the protein and other ingredients to help you feel satisfied, digest, and assimilate the nutrients your body needs. Healthful and efficient elimination (without discomfort) is another added benefit of eating more fiber.


Plant-based protein powders can help balance our bodies' natural pH levels. It's one of our favorite benefits. Refined carbs, sugar, animal products, and dairy can all throw our pH levels off balance. The body will balance the acidity by using internal resources to neutralize it. Excess acidity can lower the immune function, making it more difficult to ward off feeling lousy. Increased acidity in the body can also slow down the body's ability to recover from injury or a workout. Plant foods help create a more balanced pH environment in the body. Supergreens & Protein Powder is formulated with alkalizing benefits. This bestselling blend offers a whole serving of daily greens, including kale, chlorella, kelp, spinach, wheatgrass, and a lot more delicious and nutritious green superfoods.


The environmental benefits of consuming plant-based proteins are a heartwarming bonus. Promoting and supporting a sustainable, healthy, and clean lifestyle is the bedrock of what we do here at Sunfood Superfoods. Without clean air, clean water, and clean nutrient-rich soil, we can't survive. Plant-based proteins are more sustainable to manufacture than animal-based proteins and require less land, water, and crop resources. It's helpful to be mindful of preserving this beautiful and bountiful planet we all call home.

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