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Mother Nature's Sweet and Tart Superfood "Candy"

Mother Nature's Sweet and Tart Superfood "Candy"

Sep 7th 2021

Remember those sweet, tart, and chewy candies you loved when you were a kid? Mother Nature made her delicious superfood version — we're talking about the Golden Berries.

Golden Berries, also known as Incan berries, are one of the few select foods grown at the ancient mountaintop citadel of Machu Picchu. These super berries grow on a vine and are covered by a thin papery cape. The ripe fruit is the size of a large marble with a rich golden color. The best part? These tangy-sweet treats are delicious!

"I bought these because they are healthy, but once I open the bag, I can't stop eating them—such a great snack!" – June.

"Wow, these put a kick in my trail mix! Tangy, a little sweet, and chewy--goodness all around!" – Raw Hiker.

"Every time I purchase a bag of these, it's with the intent to have them last. However, they are so delicious that it has never been the outcome!" – T_uhwerp.

Golden berries are delicious and can be enjoyed right out of the bag, or you can use them to create snacks, trail mixes, smoothies, or recipes such as this amazingly decadent Golden Berry Fudge!

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