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5 Superfood Supplements for a Healthy, Happy Gut

5 Superfood Supplements for a Healthy, Happy Gut

Apr 5th 2018

Superfoods For Healthy Gut Gut health plays an important role in optimal wellness. It regulates digestion, aids in detoxification, produces special enzymes that help to break down all the foods we ingest into micronutrients. Our gut produces hormones and neurotransmitters and has a full checklist of roles and responsibilities. It works hard to keep us thriving, but sometimes it needs a little extra support.

Here are 5 superfoods that can help you nourish your gut and help regulate the optimal gut environment.

Digestive Enzymes

While clean eating plays a key role in maintaining a healthy gut, our bodies natural ability to break down the foods we eat can still be challenging. Not only is the digestive process quite taxing but the absorption factor can be less than ideal if the foods aren’t broken down properly, which can equate to a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, gas and other discomforts. Enter the help of digestive enzymes. When taken before a meal, these helpful supplements containing proprietary enzymes such as proteases, carbohydrases, and lipase, can support our gut in the digestive process.

Shilajit Powder

This ancient medicinal herb has been treasured throughout history for its health-boosting benefits, and gut health is one of them. One of the primary reasons for this is that Shilajit powder contains a high percentage of fulvic acid, an active chemical compound that increases our ability to absorb and utilize nutrients more efficiently. Fulvic acid bears a unique chemical structure that acts as a nutrient enhancer, aiding our gut in the uptake of probiotics, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Shilajit powder is extremely potent so take note that a little goes a long way.


Many cultures refer to the Moringa tree as “The Miracle Tree”, and for good reason. In truth, every part of this incredibly nutritious tree can be eaten, from its roots to flowers, and leaves. One of the most effective ways to glean all the benefits of Moringa is in powder form, making it a powerful multivitamin source for optimal digestion. Moringa is rich in nutritiously dense oils and fiber, delivering detoxifying benefits that can help to “scrub” the gut clean. It is also recognized as a natural antacid*, which can help those who suffer from acid reflux or ulcers. Moringa Powder can be sprinkled over your favorite dish or easily added to smoothies.


Turmeric is another ancient superfood supplement with notable medicinal properties, namely anti-inflammatory. Curcumin is the bioactive constituent in turmeric and is often extracted for its therapeutic benefits as an enhanced stand-alone supplement. Turmeric is said to help calm the digestive tract thereby preventing/reducing inflammation, supporting digestion and nutrient assimilation. What’s more, Turmeric can also help the gallbladder increase bile production, which helps to further break down the foods we consume for better digestion. Golden Milk Super Blend is a tasty and nutritious way to get a daily dose of this nutritious spice.


Chlorella is quite the detoxifier as it contains the ever-powerful chlorophyll, giving it the exceptional ability to bind to toxins and heavy metals that can accumulate in the digestive tract -- and ultimately be eliminated. The source and manner in which chlorella is grown, harvested, and packaged is extremely important as contamination can result in less than favorable results. This nutritious superfood comes in a variety of supplemental forms including tablets, powder, and in a variety of whole-food green blends.

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