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Top 7 Liver-cleansing Superfoods

Top 7 Liver-cleansing Superfoods

Oct 13th 2019

With our liver being an essential internal filter for everything we ingest -- from food to liquid, medications, topical applications to the skin (i.e. lotions and creams) and even the air we breathe, it makes sense to support this vital organ with some cleansing. The occasional whole body detox is great but with the important role our liver plays on a daily basis, it makes even more sense to support it on the regular by consuming superfoods that naturally offer detoxifying and cleansing benefits in a gentle, ongoing way. Here are our top 7 liver-cleansing superfoods to add to your routine.


Turmeric may offer protective and regenerative properties to the liver. You can cook with it, take it as a supplement or drink it up in our Golden Milk Super Blend. It's a delicious warming elixir perfect for fall and any time you need a break from your busy life.

Camu Camu

Camu Camu can provide a serious dose of vitamin C, which is fantastic for keeping our liver clean. It has a tangy flavor profile making it a delicious addition to your favorite juice, smoothie or yogurt.

Chanca Piedra Tea

Chanca Piedra Tea has been cited in traditional Chinese medicine for its liver supporting properties for years. Adding Chanca piedra tea to your early evening routine is a great way to help your liver release excess toxins before you sleep.

Marine Phytoplankton

Marine Phytoplankton - bioavailability is the name of the game here as this single-celled phytoplankton can be absorbed on a cellular level, meaning our bodies don’t have to rely on the liver or digestive system to process them. Marine Phytoplankton can be added to coconut water, juice or taken directly. For cleansing purposes, most will spread out their desired dosage over the course of the day.


Beets are your liver's best friend. Beets exhibit enormous protective benefits to the liver and have exceptional ability to prevent oxidative stress. Beets have a vibrant flavor and we fall in love over and over again with our Bountiful Beetroot Hummus recipe.


Maqui is an antioxidant superhero and has the power to assist the body in liver detoxification. And while we love our acai, we’ll just tell you that maqui berries contain up to 10x’s more antioxidants than acai. So if you’re focused on liver cleansing, why not give them both a try in our Acai Maqui Bowl Mix?


Raw Organic Supergreens are a must-have for liver support because they contain a wealth of liver protective nutrients that offer alkalizing benefits to the body. We love sprinkling our Supergreens over salads and savory bowls but when it comes to detoxing, our Yummy Tummy Detox drink recipe is a must!
Beets+ Turmeric Powder  Golden Milk Super Blend
Camu Camu Powder  Chanca Piedra  Organic Beet Powder 
Marine Phytoplankton Supergreens Maqui Berry Powder 

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