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Super Probiotics, 30caps

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    Super Probiotics, 50 Billion CFU | 30ct

    This is the ultimate gut healing probiotic solution. 50 Billion CFU from 8 probiotic strains delivers a vast amount of microorganisms that reflect the gut’s natural diversity.

    Unlike many other probiotic supplements, we use an acid-resistant vegi-capsule to ensure they aren’t destroyed in the stomach. Delivery to the intestines is crucial to building the health of your gut.

    What are probiotics? They are healthy bacteria – living microorganisms (flora) – that live in your GI tract. A probiotics supplement can help boost the number of healthy bacteria in your gut and support overall gut health. They feed on prebiotics – a special type of fiber. We recommend using our organic Super Prebiotics for the ultimate gut healing combination.

    Super Probiotics is designed to allow your GI tract to balance itself naturally. We recommend taking 2 capsules per day for 15 days, then discontinuing use for the following 15 days. This gives your gut time to regenerate its own healthy bacteria.

    Repeating this cycle of 15 days on then 15 days off protects your body from becoming reliant on supplemental probiotics. When you take them every day with no break, your gut becomes "lazy" and dependent on supplements.

    Replenishing your gut with Super Probiotics allows your body to function at optimal capacity. Your gut is home to immune system response; and it acts like your 2nd brain – controlling hundreds of bodily functions. A healthy gut impacts our entire inner ecosystem, and an unhealthy gut can result in numerous health issues.

    Super Probiotics provides maximum support for your gut, allowing the flora in your digestive system to flourish on its own.

    This product is part of our Revitalizing Health Kits - a new bundle of superfoods and super supplements to support optimal health.


    Refrigeration optional (Super Probiotics are shelf stable)

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  • Gluten-Free

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